My Band

My Other Sites


  • Simon Yeldon –
    A stylish wordpress based site that he made the template for! Worth a check, lots of random web posts too.
  • Jason Smith –
    A work in progress but his own design… A space to watch once Uni has finished I’m sure!
  • Karl Smolka –
    Currently moving over to WordPress!! Not that my influence had anything to do with that choice…
  • Kilndown – or
    A band born within the University of Kent, very talented original band! Check out their sites for samples.
  • Hippy Sessions –
    Read the home page, it explains it all…
  • Dan Blood –
    Legendary head of the UKC Rock soc, performs at open mic nights etc, has a kazoo and isn’t afraid to use it on stage! Also does a lot of web stuff for people…

Cool Stuff

  • Lemmings – Play lemmings online for free!


  • flickr – Online photo sharing
    Get a 20MB upload limit per month free. Good community. My flickr page can be found here.
  • Ultimate Guitar Tabs – Guitar tab site
    This site is a great resource for tabs; they have made a stand against the obsessive music industry (see my rant here)
  • MySpace – Personal profile community
    This is another profile space that apparently has overtaken google in terms of hits or something… My myspace can be found here.
  • TheStudentBar – Student forum
    Another profile and forum based site but is open only to students of your University – currently just the University of Kent but apparently there will be more…
  • – Online favourites but so much more…
    A fantastic site for storing and sharing your favourites, based around the new wave Web 2.0 type of idea. Favourites can be searched and tagged. My account can be viewed here.
  • Validity images on the sidebar are from Plone.


  • DreamHost – they provide me with pretty helpful and powerful hosting, if you do use them you can get some discounts with my promotion code naffandroo when you come to the payment part.