Reports suck

The concept of doing something you really aren’t interested in just makes the whole process laborious and tedious! I really cant get into doing my reports for KITC and am so easily distracted! I was starting to get a bit done today but was easily distracted once Ghosty arrived in the library whereupon he browsed the web lots and I joined in a fair bit lol.

Lets see if I can get anything done over the weekend while at my Dad’s and then hopefully I can get some revision started next week; its now less than a month before my finals start… still I feel like I am doing much more than any previous Uni easter holiday so far so its a good start(ish).

Lecturer Strikes

After a thread on the Student Bar, it was suggested that some form of webform be created to voice the students concerns over the lecturer strikes since the Student Union seem to make it seem we are all in support of it.

I am personally a final year student who sees the point of the Lecturers arguments as valid, but the action inappropriate and unfair to the students.

This thread is intended for any students (whether members of UKC or not) to voice their real views on the matter. It would be helpful if you could only comment once and only if you are in disagreement with the action (not the cause necessarily) that is taking place.

Exam timetable

Well Simon has just told me the exam time tables are up – how scary is that!? Anyway here are mine…

  • 4th May @ 14:00 – CO634 Computer Security and Cryptography
  • 5th May @ 9:30 – C0832 Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
  • 8th May @ 9:30 – CO831 Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
  • 10th May @ 9:30 – CO534 IT Consultancy Methods
  • 15th May @ 9:30 – CO525 Dynamic Web
  • 19th May @ 9:30 – CO628 Graphs
Graduation Dates 2006

UKC Timetable of ceremonies

These are the times we have our graduation (University Of Kent), there is also an FAQ and stuff about how many tickets, seating and stuff…

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