Sony Rolly

Now I’m usually a bit anti Sony stuff, probably because I’ve always preferred Nintendo consoles etc. I did once have a MD player/recorder however so I’m not completely against them. My sister showed me a clip of a new mp3 player that looks pretty awesome – and very original. I’ll let the video speak for itself…

Flute Beat boxing

Check this out! Funky remix too 😉

Musical Creativity

Having started my job and travelling during the week, coupled with having achieved our main goal of performing at Keynestock plus one or two other factors Any Other Day are no more.

It would have been cool if it had been going still because I am still writing music but it looks like now the only way I can continue my writing is to just record it and produce it that way… so if any one wants to collaborate on some recordings over the web and add some bass / drums / vocals to some tracks give me a shout through my contact form here and I’ll send a sample of one or two things I been working on.

I might look around on myspace or even give in and join facebook and see if I can find some people interested…

OK Go set loose on treadmills

Thanks to Tom B for this:

Can you drum?

Well these guys can!!

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