Blue Skies & FS1

It’s been a long while since I updated this site but I’ve been busy… jumping out of planes!

Back in February 2010 I went on a trip to DeLand Florida with some people from Headcorn Parachute Club to do a course (AFF) to become a fully licensed skydiver. Why? Well, I’d not really thought about doing it any time soon by my mate went on a Tandem skydive and found out about the trip to Florida… He rang me up and asked “How do you fancy doing some serious skydiving; and by that I mean 2 weeks in Florida!?”.

As you can imagine, it took me a couple of days to think about the idea but ultimately I just said “Yeah! why not!”

So, two years down the line and after returning to DeLand on a second trip I’ve now at the time of writing got 77 jumps and my FS1 under my belt. Basically means I can jump out with other people and do formation work, or just do crazy things like “Horny Gorilla” (a good example can be found here).

Without boring you with too many videos (yet!) here’s my FS1 from start to Finish, though one jump is not on camera (levels 5 & 6), you’ll get the general idea! Oh and yes I know there’s some text on the editing that’s wrong… I blame iMovie for not saving my changes but it’s not worth making a whole new one for it. Enjoy!

Budding Photographers

I hate the term ‘budding’ but it seemed the most appropriate for someone who’s enthusiastic about something but also not a professional or expert so in M&S style… here’s the idea…

Got a new camera recently? Upgraded to a new DSLR or just got a great new compact camera? Flickr is a great place to share your photos, get feedback, advice, ask questions etc and I’ve recently become the only Admin for a group called Striving Amateurs and have decided its a good time to give the group a bit of a new direction.

The group is all about amateur and professional or experienced photographers to help one another out by sharing how they achieved an effect or sharing ideas and web resources etc. At the moment the group is still growing but if you’re looking for a friendly place where you can ask for advice and feel free to post your pictures and learn from the others then please join the group at the link above :o). Most people on Flickr will tell you how they achieved an effect if you post a comment on their photo and this group also aims to encourage this. Check it out.

Here’s a sample of some of the photographs in the pool…

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

So what’s new?

Well it has been absolutely ages since I’ve posted anything on here (2 posts in the last year!) and a lot has happened since then really. I think there are two things that have led me to neglect posting to this site: 1) full time work back in the UK and not over in NY and 2) FaceBook!

I really wonder how many hours people have spent on FaceBook in total – it really must be a lot. Most of my friends that I still see around are on there so I’ll tend to only post funny things that I’ve seen on the this site… starting with something my colleague sent me (for reasons I’m sure you can guess): 

I’ll post some more if I see anything inspirational. Oh and I’ve also moved over to the light side and bought a MacBook! I figured that now that Mac have gone Intel and you can run windows AND OS X on them, why get a new PC based laptop? The only downside is the price tag but since my girlfriend is a student still, they gave me 14% discount even though I’m not a student myself! Thank you Apple 😀


Well I think this article makes a very valid point – did the terrorists succeed in their goal or terrorising the world without even completing the actual act? I think the worlds reaction has unfortunately given them their aim without them having to follow through with their plan.

Its a shame that terrorism can be so powerful in today’s world… the fear these people wish to create can so easily be done whether they succeed or fail in their attempts, when it comes down to it they win in one aspect or another. I am just thankful that plots are being discovered before they actually happen so at the least, no one dies. Increased security I can live with if its to help people get on with their lives!

Where has Nath been?

Well its been a long long time since I updated this – so much has happened! Lets start with the degree – I got a 2:1 which I am really happy with and I graduated back in July.

That same week I moved over to NY for three months; I am currently sitting in the starbucks across the road from where I live in Manhatten using their wifi hotspot thingy. NY is great but it really isn’t the same going somewhere without your friends or family, I have been starting to miss everyone and well, lets face it – my life!

New York really is great though and I have met some great people here both at work and outside of work too – check out some of the pictures here. Central park is pretty close and I went there this weekend just to read and chill by the pond – there are a few great photos of that here.

Not a lot else has happened really, I’ve been exploring a few times and I think the main change for me has been the amount I have eaten out in restaurants! The apartment doesn’t really have a big kitchen so we tend to eat out a fair bit, its not that expensive really allthough like anywhere, it can be if you want it to be!

Its kinda strange that a normal day for me includes going to work via Grand Central station – thats where I get off the subway at work! Its pretty close too – only one stop on the subway if you get the express and 2 if you get the local! As I said, Central park is really close – takes less than ten minutes to walk it as its just a few blocks away. It is absolutely enormous as you can see from the pictures from the Rockafella centre.

Well thats it from me for now, I will try and update this a bit more often if I can.

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