Sony Rolly

Now I’m usually a bit anti Sony stuff, probably because I’ve always preferred Nintendo consoles etc. I did once have a MD player/recorder however so I’m not completely against them. My sister showed me a clip of a new mp3 player that looks pretty awesome – and very original. I’ll let the video speak for itself…

Pigeon plays on iPhone

Well this is pretty random but Engadget had an article showing this video -I thought it was pretty funny…

In case you were wondering, the game it’s playing (albeit probably unwittingly) is Tap Tap Revenge – which is like guitar heroes but for the iPhone/iPod Touch.


iPod 5th GenSo I finally bought an iPod and went for an 80gb black one, its pretty decent – I had previously got a creative zen touch but that was both out of date and far too chunky. The iPod is awesome, its interface is just loads better than anything else really BUT my one gripe is iTunes…

Obviously every one knows Apple make the iPod, but that shouldn’t mean their software that is used to get music onto and off of it should be lacking in a core ability – to be able to play music without skipping on their windows version of iTunes!

The interface of iTunes is pretty ok, the bad thing is that it can be a bit slow if you are scrolling through your library but the whole deciding to skip despite doing everything that users on the internet have tried – the only one that vaguely worked was turning the default 24bit playback to 16bit! But it still happens and its the most annoying thing.

I am just shocked that there hasn’t been a fix or update for the software so if you are listening apple, FIX YOUR WINDOWS VERSION OF iTUNES!! Despite me wanting an apple mac laptop at some point, its not happening soon because they just aren’t cheap.

Ok, rant over… now go get an iPod 😛