Light Painting

For a long time I’ve had a bit of an interest with photography, given half a chance to use my Dad’s SLR, whether it was his old film one or his newer DLSR I was always keen on having a go! So, it comes as no surprise that I ended up getting my own!

While getting used to my shiny Canon 450d, I have been using flickr a whole lot more and have found inspiration within the realms of light painting!

For those of you that don’t know, ‘Light painting’ usually involves fairly long exposures and a light source. From what you generally see on flickr, there’s 2 main types – static lighting that lights up a scene with funky colours or ‘drawing’ with a light source.

Here’s an example of painting a scene with a light source and ‘gels’.

The Throne Room by JohnnyBlough

The Throne Room by JohnnyBlough

Generally these sort of photos are done with a flash or ‘strobe’ and using different colour ‘gels’ in front of the flash. You use a long exposure and light up different parts of your subject to build up the end result.

I’ve experimented a bit with a few different light sources and here are some of the results… 

These first two are of a lightning bulb, one with me touching the side of the bulb to attract the strands of lightning to one spot and one with a bit of foil on the top to keep the strand in one place constantly.

Blue Touch by me

Blue Touch by me

Match Stick Lightning by me

Match Stick Lightning by me

This one below is using a light intended to sit in the bath and light it up! Random I know but I was going through looking for interesting light sources.

Technicolour Spiral by me

Technicolour Spiral by me


Pretty funky, thought it deserved a post:

Up close and personal…

Photographing my guitars is so much fun and I get to play with my camera too! This one is now my desktop!

I was pretty surprised at the quality of shot I could get out of my compact (Nikon S3) camera for this, it’d be quality to play with a digital SLR one day I reckon!

The inverted pencil

See through...I have always had a facination with drawing eyes for some reason and one day a long time ago I drew this based on a picture of my friends eye.

I was avoiding revision and was playing about with myspace themes and wanted something black as a background so I just inverted the colour on the pencil drawing – its pretty effective I thought!

I also tried it on an old doodle that I had considered as a tattoo here: