About Me

NathanIf you’ve got to this page then you must be either bored, nosey or bored and nosey so here’s a brief comment about me…

So who am I?
I’m a techy by day currently working in the financial software world with extensive experience of JEE Administration.

I studied Computer Science at the University of Kent and spent my third year in Industry (definitely a good idea by the way!). I graduated in 2006.

I love to play guitar; it is one of the best things that I ever bought. During my uni days I joined a new 4 piece band, Any Other Day as the guitarist and we had our first gig as our audition for Keynestock. We got through to Keynestock 2006 and had a load of fun on stage despite it being the day after my last ever exam – I was a little worse for wear.

Nowadays my hobby is a little more extreme having taken up Skydiving as a sport. As of September 2012, I’ve done 82 jumps and have my own rig; if time and money were no object, I’d be doing this every day! It’s especially more fun now that I can jump out of the plane at the exact same time as other people having passed my FS1 and it simply never gets old!

So that’s me!

Me waving off at the end of an FS1 WARP jump over Headcorn