XMarks and Safari 4

XMarks has released a Safari version of their bookmark and password syncrhonization addon. I’ve been using XMarks since it was previously named FoxMarks as I use more than one laptop for work and home.

One thing worth noting as Diver Guy mentions, if you’re using a Mac then the settings for XMarks won’t be where you expect them to be… Normally they’d be under the preferences within Safari itself but they’ve decided to keep the settings outside and place them as a preference pane option within System Preferences.

Simply click on the preference pane and soon enough the wizard will start to take you through the setup of your account.

XMarks System Preferences

Personally I’ve been very fickle with browsers – with the most light weight or fast one usually winning my favour, Google Chrome won my attention away from FireFox in Windows, and Safari’s speed was the main reason for use on my Mac. Unfortunately there is no Google Chrome version of XMarks yet, and I’m not sure if it is planned but given that Chrome isn’t out on the Mac properly yet but the cross browser syncrhonization is a huge plus if you’re as fickle as me!

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