Firefox 3.5 Addons

FIrefox 3.5 4gb addons

Firefox 3.5 4gb addons

Anyone else see this odd one when upgrading from Firefox 3.0 to 3.5? Everything went smoothly despite the description of 4gb addons and they were all updated but thought this was an odd one…

My first impression of Firefox 3.5 is that it is still a bloated beast when compared to Google Chrome or Safari 4. The load times for the application itself seems sluggish still, Chrome opens in an instant and I think Safari is a mid ground between the two. It’s all a bit speculative as I’ve not done a proper test but they’re my impressions anyway.

I’ve become very fickle with browsers and use whatever suits my mood but when it comes to work I use Chrome and Firefox if I have to because of some compatibility issues on a few sites for Chrome. For home use I tend to use Safari 4 at the moment but I have Firefox 3.5 and even Flock installed, though I don’t even remember the last time that was fired up!

I look forward to when XMarks is available for Safari 4 as it will help maintain my favourites across systems and browsers, its a shame Chrome isn’t even on the list yet though!

Up until now, you might notice I’ve left out a certain (pointless) browser out of the picture but I feel I have to mention it purely because of the rediculously comical PR stunt as shown at lifehacker! Hilariously they believe that IE8 is more secure, private and reliable than Firefox or Chrome, all I can say is HAHAHA Microsoft are branching out as global comedians. Thanks for the laughs lol

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