Protect yourself in open WiFi Hotspots

OK so call me paranoid but I don’t trust much to do with the internet and am paranoid about things like using unencrypted wireless networks, even if I’m not doing internet banking on a public network. Since I’m staying in a hotel with just such a network I wanted to see if there was a way to protect my connection…

So I googled for free vpn and somewhere down the list this blog caught my eye and had a link to Anchor Hotspot (funnily enough his last name is Drew too – Bill Drew). There are versions for Windows and Mac too and basically it connects you to a free VPN.

Anchor Free

It provides a means to encrypt the data between you and any other people listening out on the unencrypted network. It does say that it encrypts the data between you and the wireless router but I’m not sure if it goes further into an external network!

Either way it protects users from listening to exactly what you’re doing on unencrypted pages if they’re sitting in the same cafe or hotel.

Update: It appears to have stopped working for me – both on the public wifi I was using and also trying it out on my local home network. This product isn’t quite refined enough for reliable use, leaving me to look into setting up my own VPN as an alternative for safe public wifi use on a Mac

Update 2: It would seem that theres a 3Gb a month limit – still the software doesn’t tell you this when it fails to work – it just seems its broken.

Brains need drenching!

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