Man Flu

Beware – the dangers of “Man Flu” – an horrific strain of the seemingly tame common cold…

You have been warned… 😉

So what’s new?

Well it has been absolutely ages since I’ve posted anything on here (2 posts in the last year!) and a lot has happened since then really. I think there are two things that have led me to neglect posting to this site: 1) full time work back in the UK and not over in NY and 2) FaceBook!

I really wonder how many hours people have spent on FaceBook in total – it really must be a lot. Most of my friends that I still see around are on there so I’ll tend to only post funny things that I’ve seen on the this site… starting with something my colleague sent me (for reasons I’m sure you can guess): 

I’ll post some more if I see anything inspirational. Oh and I’ve also moved over to the light side and bought a MacBook! I figured that now that Mac have gone Intel and you can run windows AND OS X on them, why get a new PC based laptop? The only downside is the price tag but since my girlfriend is a student still, they gave me 14% discount even though I’m not a student myself! Thank you Apple 😀