OK Go set loose on treadmills

Thanks to Tom B for this:

Can you drum?

Well these guys can!!

Mirror Camera mode weirdness!

Hehe this is just funny

Match in a microwave?

This is pretty mad, bet you can’t guess what will happen!…


Well I think this article makes a very valid point – did the terrorists succeed in their goal or terrorising the world without even completing the actual act? I think the worlds reaction has unfortunately given them their aim without them having to follow through with their plan.

Its a shame that terrorism can be so powerful in today’s world… the fear these people wish to create can so easily be done whether they succeed or fail in their attempts, when it comes down to it they win in one aspect or another. I am just thankful that plots are being discovered before they actually happen so at the least, no one dies. Increased security I can live with if its to help people get on with their lives!

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