The exploding pint glass “trick”

Ya know when you get two glasses stuck together, well in this case it was two differently shaped pint glasses and they were well and truely wedged. We had tried using oil to help twist them free but nothing worked.

In an ultimate end to the problem Dad wanted to get a flame torch to it and heat up the water inside to force them apart… after about 30 seconds of heating it we got a reaction – the lower one just exploded and shattered across the garden! It was quality, wish I had video’d it!

This is certainly one way to take my mind off of the fact my results come out tomorrow… well nearly take my mind off of it.

One Day…

I will get my degree result, I was supposed to get it on the 9th but now its on the 26th thanks to the stupid lecturer strikes (the AUT lost their request for over 20% pay rise by the way and had to “settle” for the 13%). I can foresee more strikes next year if not the year after – it seems to go on a rota for them. I think last time they only shutup protesting because they thought some of the new extortionate top up fees would be used for them as soon as they came into effect.

Strangely I wasn’t nervous until I found out the date was put back, on the day it was supposed to be released I might add…

The cock up continues; cheers lecturers! Way to go about protesting; I still stick by my comment of “they aren’t very diplomatic for academics”.

The end of an era

Well things are closing up for me at Uni, I am moving out on wednesday so that I can go up and see Download festival with my mates and so I am moving out before the deadline given by the landlord for the first time.

It’s strange how it somehow doesn’t feel like such a big thing, some of my friends have suggested that its because I have sorted out a job and have nothing to worry about on that side of things but I think it is because last year was a lot of goodbyes and it felt like the end of an important era then. It was even more of an impact because I had missed out sharing the final year with a lot of people I would have loved to have spent more time with.

This year is different, despite signifying the end of my degree it doesn’t feel like a huge event. Maybe it is because having done a placement year I am about ready to leave, maybe it’s because last year felt like the end and this year was just a tail to the end.

I will definitely miss the many friends I have made this year in first years and also through people I have worked closely with during my degree; I have made many more new friends this year – including my band, and Canterbury hasn’t got rid of me just yet; Any Other Day will be returning towards the end of this year with hopefully more original tracks and more gigs so watch this space!

I have just bought a new car and am so proud of it – I pick it up tomorrow and its a Mazda 323 GXI. It is definitely an awesome first car and worth the money! Everything is falling into place really, I have a job to go to and that starts in July after our “graduation” (don’t get me started on the lecture strikes!), I’ve performed on stage at Keynestock in my final year, been to the last ball, had the after exam parties (not sure when they will end hehe)… I can’t really ask for more!