Reports suck

The concept of doing something you really aren’t interested in just makes the whole process laborious and tedious! I really cant get into doing my reports for KITC and am so easily distracted! I was starting to get a bit done today but was easily distracted once Ghosty arrived in the library whereupon he browsed the web lots and I joined in a fair bit lol.

Lets see if I can get anything done over the weekend while at my Dad’s and then hopefully I can get some revision started next week; its now less than a month before my finals start… still I feel like I am doing much more than any previous Uni easter holiday so far so its a good start(ish).

2 Responses

  1. Ghosty Says:

    At least I saved you £3000 🙂

  2. Nath Says:

    I think me and my Dad were a bit suspect about that dodgy fraud anyway :P…

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