// Download Festival 2006 / LINEUP

Check it out the days have been listed for who’s on which day!
// Download Festival 2006 / LINEUP

Jimmy Carr


Jimmy Carr was at the Gulbenkian theatre on campus on Sunday! He was so funny and he tried out some new material with us. Being in the second row I only took a couple of photos and he did make a joke when I did this one!

Quality evening!

Happy Saint Georges Day!
Saint Georges Day Flag from www.kitbag.com

Happy Saint Georges Day everyone!

Flag from kitbag.com

Bullet Proof computer?

Woah check out the bullet proof computer HP have even released a video of it survivine a 0.308 calibre round that goes straight through it and into a fish tank the other side!

Now THATS extreme testing…

University Of Kent Summer Ball

There are new acts being announced for the UKC Summer Ball every day at kentunion.co.uk

So far there have been announced:

  • Boy Kill Boy
  • Bloc Party (DJ Set)
  • Lethal Bizzle
  • The Cutup Boys
  • Propaganda the way on burning DJs
  • Clacket Lane

Tickets are £42 in case you didn’t know and you can get them from Essentials on campus. I’m definitely going this year, what with it being my final year here!
Looks like some pretty decent acts are gonna be there! 😀

Update: dedicated summer ball site here!

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