Lecturer Strikes

After a thread on the Student Bar, it was suggested that some form of webform be created to voice the students concerns over the lecturer strikes since the Student Union seem to make it seem we are all in support of it.

I am personally a final year student who sees the point of the Lecturers arguments as valid, but the action inappropriate and unfair to the students.

This thread is intended for any students (whether members of UKC or not) to voice their real views on the matter. It would be helpful if you could only comment once and only if you are in disagreement with the action (not the cause necessarily) that is taking place.

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  1. Ghosty Says:

    I have to say that I am all in favour of the lecturers getting a fair salary, as I am with all those who deserve it.

    What pisses me off is that the sodding thing is affecting me. I know that the exams are set and that there is no problem there, but when asked about marking the exams I get told “Well, we cant speculate”

    I say, if I do not get my degree after so sodding long then I will not be happy. Surely if thats the case it would be worth a few of us contacting the Law Clinic about suing for loss of earnings (as we wouldnt be able to start our jobs without a degree) Grrrrrr!

  2. Mikey (came to your site from Ghosty's) Says:

    Nice suggestion Ghosty, however the Law Clinic would not be able to help, owing to a conflict of interests. While it may in theory be run by students it is for the most part overseen by qualified solicitors who also lecture and, if I remember rightly, took part in the strikes two years ago.

    I think the aims of the strikes are honourable, and with all the extra money going into higher education through top-up fees and the like it is only right that a traditionally underpaid vocation should finally get the funding it deserves. However I too feel that this should not be at the expense of students. Marking coursework is a vital and fundamental part of their role, and suspending their services at such a crucial time in the year will serve only to antagonise rather than garnering any form of sympathy. I object to the NUS’s solidarity with the strike, but then again I also object to the automatic assumption that I want to join an organisation which seems to most to be one large talking shop as soon as I join university. Rather than having the option to ‘opt out’, when was I ever asked if I wanted to opt in?

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