Guitar GOD

This was posted by someone on the Student Bar; this guy is AMAZING, he can effortlessly tap on two guitars at the same time, he is a legend!!

Check Zack Kim out on google videos here!

Google Sets

Google Sets

Google have another toy under their sleeve – Google Sets. You enter in a small list and it tries to expand that list with related items / words. I thought it was pretty clever!

A list of Google projects can be found here at Google Labs.

LEGO can tell if you are lying!

LEGO Mindstorm Lie detectorIt’s true, those little bits of plastic can now tell if you are lying! OK, well not quite the little blocks but some clever people have built a lie detector sensor to attach to the LEGO Mindstorm unit. I found out about it through the Engadget article here.

It is fairly basic in the sense that it is simply made from some aluminium foil and then they record the resistance changes as the body reacts to something, e.g. a question!

I think its a genius idea as it is pretty cute idea because of its sheer simplicity

Lecturer Strikes

After a thread on the Student Bar, it was suggested that some form of webform be created to voice the students concerns over the lecturer strikes since the Student Union seem to make it seem we are all in support of it.

I am personally a final year student who sees the point of the Lecturers arguments as valid, but the action inappropriate and unfair to the students.

This thread is intended for any students (whether members of UKC or not) to voice their real views on the matter. It would be helpful if you could only comment once and only if you are in disagreement with the action (not the cause necessarily) that is taking place.

Cool Pics

These photos are the result of some experimentation in the dim light with my camera…

MiloDSCN2041Milo Lights

Most of them are just with some red and or blue LED based lights along with some fairy lights. What we then did was to use a weird mode on my camera and move the camera while it was taking flashing (it did it a few times per pic on this party mode). The middle one looks particularly ghostly (click on it to get a bigger picture) as her face is disjointed!

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