Winamp 5.2??

Winamp logoWell after having it on my system for less than a day, it is already off!I have gone back to 5.13 because it actually works; every time I started up the newer version it mentions something about not being able to find an entry point and then reverts the skin colour theme back to default! I’m not sure if this happens for anyone else but since it does for me, its enough to make me wait until the next release to bother upgrading…

So, the lesson here is – stick to an older version until Winamp release a fully working one.

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Bye Bye Microsoft Ads!

You know those annoying adverts that come through on web messenger and hotmail, well if you have the adblock extension on firefox (or even something cool on your router) then adding “rad.msn” will tend to block a lot of the annoying adverts!

Not sure if it will block useful services from MS but it seems to work pretty well on at least the web messenger (I haven’t tried it on a router for if it blocks annoying adverts in the real MSN app)…


Well we have a Keynestock audtion next month – this week has been pretty quiet for band stuff – Amanda has been busy but last weekend we sat down together and went through the tune that she had lyrics to fit to. It was great to have someone who has ideas for lyrics for a change from musical input and lyrical input always coming solely from me! Thats not to say that I won’t try and help out with lyrics though…

So far we have ideas for 3 songs to cover and two originals to do too – that should take up most of our 20 minute slot. What is weird is that I had a dream last night that I was at the audition and we were deciding a band name!! It’d be a bit late for that lol… I dunno, the things that come out in dreams are just odd!

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