New Band!

Having met up with a singer (Amanda) who was interested in starting up a band on campus, having a little jam and hearing her sing Read the rest of this entry »

Rock / Live Music nights in Canterbury

The following is a general plan of the live music or rock nights that go on in canterbury

Accoustic / Chilled
Mon: Allberrys / Luke Smith at Hob Goblin**
Wed: Casey’s or Cricketers open mic night*
Thu: C4 Acoustic night
Fri: Woodys Live
Sat: Casey’s

Harder Rock / Stuff to dance to

Mon: Allberrys / Venue / Beer Cart
Tue: Ruby Tuesdays at Origins / A kick up the arts (Tonic) / Beer Cart
Wed: Rocketscience
Thu: The Works / Boycott the prom (Beercart)
Fri: KIAD / Beer Cart now and then / Woodys Live

Orange Street Music has a live event most nights too.

A point to note is that events on campus are likely to be changed for the final term due to the noise ban – I will update the list when I hear more about those events affected.

Sadly due to exam term the live night at Mungo’s has been cancelled but I hear that Alex is trying to arrange for an alternative venue (possibly on another day of the week). I have taken down a couple of other nights that will be off due to exams and the noise ban.
* Every alternate fortnight at one or other of these places
If there is anything I have left out then add a comment and I will update the list, I know there is an indie night at studio41 sometimes… not sure when.

** Every first monday of the month

Funky pics

Arty – a photoset on Flickr

Check that page out, I will be uploading any artistic photos I make to there, hopefully there’ll be some nice ones of Canterbury at some point! At the moment there is just 4 there but I’m sure it’ll grow…

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You’ve been framed

Pic with the camera

I got a new camera at last! After initially thinking I’d go for the new funky WiFI ones that are just coming out, I changed my mind and went for a slim one (another Nikon too!) and got the nikon s3.

In my hunt for the cheapest seller I ended up getting it through an ebay shop and having it sent from Hong Kong! It was worth it though as the camera is Red and you can’t get that from UK sellers hehe.

I am now able to resume my usual love of taking lots and lots of pictures and last night at Nicks birthday was a great excuse! I have lots of other pics on my flickr account here too.

Nicks Birthday was great, we started off in Spoons, then West Bar, then (cringes) The Works and it was pretty darn cool! I randomly stopped off at a party on the way back and then after walking Laura back home ended up seeing some more friends I knew so chilled with them for a bit before goin back.

All in all, it was pretty random for just one night!

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Things I have done today…

Or yesterday for that matter since its now 1:08!

Well I pretended to do some work allthough in actual fact I just planned some, went to woody’s now that its open and played far too much guitar while I enjoyed the sound of my amp way too much… roll on when the students are back!