Music Industry want to take over the world…

Song sites face legal crackdown
By Ian Youngs BBC News entertainment reporter
Unauthorised guitar tabs and other musical scores are widely available
The music industry is to extend its copyright war by taking legal action against websites offering unlicensed song scores and lyrics.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Song sites face legal crackdown

What the fek?? The music industry are serious about stopping people becoming musicians in the first place?? They are also serious about suing freedom of thought – the freely available guitar tabs are peoples own interpretation of a song, NOT a rip off of the published tablature, if there is any available at all.

I am shocked at this, stopping mp3 downloads ok, thats fair game but stopping people learning off of other people is just plain arogant and infurating! mxtabs seems to have stopped its listing of tabs as the site directs to its sister forum site rather than let you search for tabs!

Whats going on? is it me not being able to navigate their new site or has the best guitar tab resource on the web just gone?

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Anythin else wanna go wrong??


Stupid bloody UKC hostility – all I wanted was to put some cash on my uni card so I could use the new washing machines, go to reception “oh you’ll have to go across campus to put it on by switch”, ok fine, get there “oh she’s not at her desk until 9am tomorrow!” eh?! I mean it was like 15.45!! what the fek were they doing and why cant they do it without the “genious” that can work the machine. Grr…

Anyway, that woulda been ok, had I not got back 3 mins after the Parkwood reception close for a random hour and so I go back home and manage to break my bloody headphones in the process of taking my scarf off!!!

Its not turning out to be my day…

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Where did the weekend go!? Friday night was ok, shame we couldn’t get in the beer cart coz a certain pair only brought their student ID and not proper ID so we went over to KIAD only to find that everyone was at the beer cart so it was really dead! Oh well, was free to get in… We then went to Casey’s for a bit but didnt stay for that long and went separate ways with everyone and ended up in Allberrys casing out their fine selection of vodka (one day, one day…).

Last night I just chilled in town at Laura’s with a great bottle of white that oddbins people reccomended based on what I wanted… It went down very smoothly :o). Jason told me today that I left him a nice 4am message:
Nath {oot} says:
woah my god i’mdrunl

I then remembered writing it but also that I was trying to hard to actually spell it all properly only to hit return and look up to see I’d lost the capacity to do that by the end of the sentence lol class…

Random Culinary Concoction

Since I am on a random bored streak; I had the most weird combination of food last night…

Due to being a poor student, I don’t have much in the fridge right now except for some chicken so I thought I’d cook some pasta and stir fry the chicken with whatever veg I had (some mange tou (sp?) and sugar snap peas) and hopefully a sauce I could dig out of the cupboard. Unfortunately I had not got any sauce so I rummaged around in my box of random food and kitchen stuff to find an “Amoy Soy Sauce and Onion” thing! I thought about it for a minute or two then thought sod it, it is going to work because thats all the random stuff I have right now!

I had also decided that it wasn’t going to be enough with just the chicken (and pasta) and really fancied trying to make friend potatoes so out came the potato peeler and in the pan they went (obviously after boiling first)!

So, what I ended up with was a soy sauce flavoured chicken stir fry with
crispy fried potatoes and pasta – it sounds really odd but it worked really, really well!

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Hello world!

Well this is my first blog on the new site…

I have no idea what this site will end up being but hopefully it will contain lots of cool things and will probably be something that I use to develop some of my web page skills…

Anyways, keep checkin back and check out the gallery if you are bored… (pictures yet to be added)